At 14fiftyseven, we’re thrilled to partner with Bump to Box. Like them, we believe in offering the best. We are pioneering a new kind of staffing solution by offering flexible household help.

Pregnancy is a special time in a couple’s life and can be when you really start to realise how important your choices are.

You may or may not be considering help with looking after your baby at this time. What we offer isn’t a simple nanny service. We strive to make our clients’ lives better. We recognise that while some want a straightforward nanny who only looks after the children, others may prefer someone who can help with other jobs around the home so that they can spend more time with the children. Perhaps you simply need a PA to help with your home business in the early stages of babyhood.

We specialise in flexible solutions. We have nannies who also spend time managing household admin and who will cook for the family. We also place lifestyle managers who cook, organise households and help with business admin, for example.

14fiftyseven is all about finding the right solution for each family, or employer. We start with a detailed conversation to work out what you need. All our lives are different. We’re here to enable you to make the best of yours.

Our service doesn’t just stop when a candidate is hired. We remain on hand to help with the settling in period, and also for the long run, for example offering invaluable HR advice.

The key to our success is that our team is highly experienced. We understand clients’ needs and come from the well-established Progressive Personnel Group.

Need help in the home? Please call for a chat on +44 (0) 208 616 1457 or email or head to our website for info, or a browse through our blogs: What We Think.

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