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Detox Kitchen has partnered with best-selling author and nutritional therapist, Amelia Freer to launch ‘Mama’, a new home delivery package service aimed at new mums. Targeting women at a pivotal stage in their lives, the new ‘Mama’ package will see Detox Kitchen and Amelia Freer develop recipes around the nutrients necessary for mums who have just given birth.

Specifically designed with post-natal women in mind, the “one handed” breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & juices mean that the delicious & wholesome food can also be enjoyed whilst the baby is in hand. Filling, nutritious & hearty, the meals will help women stay confident, strong and full of energy so they can focus on their other priorities, knowing that their nutritional wellbeing (and hunger!) is taken care of.

As a mother, and mother-to-be, Lily & Amelia can both appreciate the demands placed on mums. With the launch of the new ‘Mama’ package, Detox Kitchen is hoping to help take care of one task on what can sometimes feel like a never-ending list.

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