Yawn, Womens Luxury Pyjamas

Nightwear designed for relaxation

Wanting to build a brand focused on helping other women switch off,
Yawn was born out of Managing Director Alice’s busy life as a mother and management consultant.

Partnering with co-founders Phil and Roly, who bring the design skills to make Yawn a reality, the brand has a continued focus on creativity, craft and comfort to make women feel good.

Yawn’s nightwear and relaxation supplies celebrate the joy found in doing something you love – whether that's hanging out with friends, writing a symphony or curling up with a good book.

From super-soft, bespoke cotton to unique, quirky hand-illustrated prints, designed with love/ laughter and lots of cups of tea from a small studio in London, Yawn creates products with the customer’s happiness in mind.

Thoughtful features and charming details make Yawn an instant favourite – from generous pockets for restless hands; to collar buttons for chilly nights; to hidden messages to bring a smile to weary lips.

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